THE PLANTRICIAN PROJECT: Uniting the Worlds of Healthcare and Plant-Based Eating


The non-profit Plantrician Project describes their mission:

A nation—and world—in which the vast majority of physicians and healthcare professionals have experienced the dietary paradigm shift, enthusiastically embracing the health-protecting power of plant-based nutrition; in turn, effectively promoting patient and client adoption of a predominantly whole food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle.

The result: Sustainability of human health and the healthcare system, while producing meaningful progress toward the big picture of global sustainability.

The organization has been operating the International Plant-Based Healthcare Conference for the past 5 years in Southern California, bringing together a community of nearly 1,000 healthcare professionals and offering CME accreditation. The next event will take place in San Diego this coming September.

The Plantrician Project looks to play a key role in bringing the plant-based diet and philosophy into the mainstream. By arming the medical field with world class education on the effects of nutrition on overall health, efforts like these will be paramount in ushering in a new era of preventing and even reversing many of the life-threatening diseases that plague our society.


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