NUTRIENTS: Plant-Based Diet Reduces Risk of Diabetes

vegan food bowl

A plant-based diet can be used to greatly reduce the risk of diabetes according to a new study published by Nutrients.

Physicians Committee researchers posit that because the intervention group experienced weight loss, including loss of body fat, their fasting insulin resistance decreased (i.e. improved), and their beta-cell function improved as a result.

“If nothing changes, our next generation–the first expected to live shorter lives than their parents–is in trouble. A third of young Americans are projected to develop diabetes in their lifetimes,” says Dr. Kahleova. “Fortunately, this study adds to the growing evidence that food really is medicine and that eating a healthful plant-based diet can go a long way in preventing diabetes.”

Previous studies have shown that plant-based diets not only have the power to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, but that they also lead to weight loss, improved cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and less heart disease.

Awareness is a key factor in the spreading of the plant-based movement. As studies such as these continue to be conducted and the medical community becomes better informed, that knowledge will be passed down to patients as an alternative to shots, pills and other pharmaceuticals.

If shifting to a more plant-based diet hits the mainstream sooner than later, this next generation may just live longer than their parents after all.

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