ONE GREEN PLANET: Subway Follows McDonald’s; Introduces Vegan Steak Sandwich in Finland


One Green Planet reports:

Subway in Finland just added the Vegan Delite to its menu! This sandwich comes with a spicy veggie steak patty that is soy-based and made of red onion, red pepper, green pepper, carrot, spinach, corn, white pepper, pea, green chili, and garlic. You can customize this sandwich with your own toppings and dressings to craft the perfect vegan sandwich. The barbecue, sweet onion, and red vinegar and oil sauces are all vegan!

This new vegan steak sandwich on Subway’s menu in Finland comes after the addition of the McVegan at McDonald’s in Finland and Sweden. With all these plant-based foods being added to large chains in Europe, we’re left wondering when they’ll arrive in the United States. Subway, add the vegan steak sandwich to your stores in the US soon!

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