PHYS: New Study Touts Plant Protein as Solution to Climate, Hunger


A new study out of Europe digs into the ways that a shift to plant-based protein can sustain the planet and feed the world:

Agriculture is often thought of as being at the mercy of , with increasing droughts and flooding resulting in lower yields, especially across the developing world. Yet the agricultural sector also contributes significantly to greenhouse , itself exacerbating climate change. In fact, recently agriculture was identified as the second biggest emitter globally, producing around 10-13% of emissions. A substantial amount of these emissions comes from livestock farming with the production of the gas, methane.

TRUE, an EU-funded project, has found evidence that switching diets towards plants as sources of protein as opposed to meat, is much more sustainable. In a study conducted by one of the TRUE project partners, Trinity College Dublin, researchers scored legumes by their environmental cost of production (including , groundwater pollution and land use), as well as according to their nutrient content.

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