PLANT BASED NEWS: 2018 “Veganuary” Results Show Massive Participation and Retention

Plant Based News reports the results of 2018’s “Veganuary” campaign, and they show no sign of the plant-based movement slowing in momentum!

The majority of (previously non-vegan) respondents – 62 percent – said they intended to remain vegan afterwards.

Reasons cited were: they learned more about the issues such as animal cruelty and environmental impact (86 percent), being vegan was easier than they expected (82 percent), 67 percent said they would stay vegan because their health improved.

When it came to health, 66 percent of respondents reported improvements to their health, including energy levels (60 percent), mood (57 percent), body weight (52 percent) and better skin appearance (49 percent).

A staggering 99 percent of survey respondents would recommend Veganuary to others.


This graphic, courtesy of Veganuary, shows an over 100k increase in participants from 2017 to 2018 – an exponential increase from the 30k that joined the movement the year prior.

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