CNBC: Unilever Launches Biodegradable, Plant-Based Tea Bags


The trend to switch to sustainable, plant-based materials continues, this time courtesy of Unilever’s PG Tips tea brand. CNBC Reports:

PG tips, one of the U.K.’s most iconic tea brands, is switching to 100 percent biodegradable tea bags.

The first batch of the new bags, made from a material that is both 100 percent plant-based and renewable, will go on sale from next week, Unilever said Wednesday.

PG tips is aiming for all its tea bags to be manufactured from plant-based material by the end of 2018.

The impact of the switch will be significant, with Unilever’s Noel Clarke stating that 10 billion PG Tips tea bags are made each year. At the moment, PG tips “pyramid” tea bags are mostly made from paper, with some polypropylene used to seal the bag.

“The new 100 percent plant-based material we’re moving to is an innovation based on cutting-edge science and technology,” Clarke said.

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