LIVEKINDLY: Campbell Soup and Kraft Heinz Make the Plant-Based Pivot


Major players in the food industry are noticing the rapidly increasing trends towards plant-based options. Consumers want more vegan products, and the manufacturers are scrambling to keep up.

LiveKindly reports that Campbell Soup is introducing new plant-based options:

The Campbell Soup Company, recognized for its classic canned tomato soup, is making a shift toward new sources of protein — specifically, plant-based protein. The company recently released a number of vegan products, announcing that plants are becoming a priority.

Campbell’s Senior Vice-President of Global Research and Development and Quality, Carlos Barroso, told Food Business News that the company is on an active search for more plant-based ingredients. “We’re literally sourcing the earth,”Barroso said.

Protein content is popular with consumers, and the company is catering to the demand. However, instead of animal protein, new Campbell’s products highlight the nutritional and delicious benefits of plants. During a panel at the Natural Products Expo West 2018 trade show last weekend in Anaheim, Calif., Barroso stated, We’re focused on plant proteins, but there’s more to the plant than just the protein.”

And FoodDive reports that Kraft Heinz is attempting to rebrand their Boca Burger to keep up with the evolving space:

Kraft Heinz has reformulated and rebranded its Boca burger to better compete in the growing plant-based foods category, according to Food Business News.

It will certainly be interesting to continue to watch this trend as more traditional food corporations attempt to keep up with the new innovators in the plant-based category.

Will rebranding be enough to stay relevant as consumers become more and more educated and stay on the lookout for the truly healthy and game-changing products on the market? We shall see!

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