FORBES: Wild Earth Pet Food; a Clean Alternative for Our Animal Friends


If you consider the abysmal quality of much of the commercially produced meat that is served to human beings these days, it is difficult to imagine the quality of the meat that has been deemed “unfit for human consumption”, and therefore used for pet food.

Wild Earth has a solution.

Forbes reports that Wild Earth is hard at work developing the first ever cultured protein product to replace traditional pet foods:

Wild Earth cofounder and CEO Ryan Bethencourt wouldn’t have it any other way. The vegan biohacker is on a mission to provide cruelty-free solutions to our everyday living. During his three-year stint at IndieBio, a life sciences startup accelerator program and early-stage seed fund he co-founded in 2014, Bethencourt has invested in several companies that use biotechnology to create ethical and sustainable products. These include clean meat firm Memphis Meats and clean fish company Finless Foods, as well as startups that are brewing cultured egg whites and gelatin, and making plant-based shrimp.

Now he’s turning his attention to pet food. “I think we can do a lot better than the current industrial animal agriculture system,” says Bethencourt. “It’s damaging the environment, our own and our pets’ health and it’s a horrible system that creates suffering in billions of animals each year. I’m unapologetic in saying that I want to end the use of animals in our food system but I think the only rational way to do that is to give everyone a better option.”


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