FARMANDDAIRY: Dairy Failing; Dean Farms Drops 100 Contracts


The dairy industry struggles continue – the news this time coming from industry leader Dean Farms and the decision to cut ties with 100 farmers due to a lack in demand for dairy products. reports on the troubling situation for industry that has been an institution for so long:

“It’s a very difficult situation and absolutely the worst time for this to happen. We are trying to get them all the help we can.”

This comes at a time when dairy producers are already fighting to stay afloat. 

“We are not seeing anything particularly encouraging in the marketplace,” said Dianne Shoemaker, Ohio State University Extension field specialist in dairy production economics.

Currently, there are too many cows and replacement heifers in the market, resulting in too much milk.

With the rise of plant-based dairy replacements and increasing education on the health ramifications, it is hard to see this trend reversing any time soon (or ever).

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