FORBES: Veganarke Brings Plant-Based Milk to India!


While plant-based milks are all the rage in the westernized world, bringing affordable options to developing countries is an essential piece to the puzzle of worldwide adoption.

Forbes reports on the blossoming company attempting to change the dairy culture in India:

Now, it’s just launched its plant-based milks throughout the whole of India via online sales, as well as become what CEO Rangan claims is the first Indian company to make vegan yoghurt (in the form of a peanut and rice curd) available nationwide. “We developed a shelf-stable vegan yoghurt that doesn’t need refrigeration to stay fresh,” he says. “None of the big players in the plant-based milk market in India are currently focusing on other products such as cheese or butter. We aim to make a wide range of plant-based dairy alternatives accessible under our brand.”

Veganarke was founded by a mother and son, and CEO Abhay Rangan is only 21 years old.  Learn more about Veganarke by checking out their website here!

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