LIVEKINDLY: Check Out this Vegan Tuna from Ocean Hugger Foods!


It’s called Ahimi, and it’s made from tomatoes, sure to satisfy any former sushi-lover turned vegan. LiveKindly reports that Ocean Hugger Foods is making strides in the plant-based sushi category.

Since its creation, the tuna alternative has received rave reviews“Picky eaters, vegetarians, and vegans rejoice: fish-less tuna is here, and it’s going to turn your world upside down,” stated the Huffington Post. “I tried a few pieces of the product and it’s convincing. The texture and look are spot-on,” observed The Daily Beast. “A friend could not tell the difference between [Ahimi] and raw fish.” Ocean Hugger’s carrot-based alternative to salmon, named “Sakimi”, and an eggplant version of eel, named “Unami”, are both set to be released this year.

Keep and eye out for this revolutionary product in select Whole Foods markets!

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