FOOD NAVIGATOR: The Coconut Collaborative Makes Strides in the Plant-Based Yogurt Category


This article released by FoodNavigator-USA highlights new plant-based yogurt company The Coconut Collaborative. Follow this link to learn more.

There’s a reason why plant-based yogurts haven’t achieved anything close to the category share of plant-based milks – and it’s not simply that they are newer to market – claims Edward Averdieck, CEO at British coconut yogurt and dessert brand The Coconut Collaborative: “They don’t taste very nice.”

The Coconut Collaborative is on a mission to prove that dairy alternatives in the yogurt category can taste just as good if not better than their dairy counterparts. Following in the footsteps of the meats, milks and cheeses… this will be a very interesting trend to follow as demand and innovation for plant-based alternatives continue to skyrocket.


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