FORBES: Aramark Teams with The Humane Society to Promote Widespread Plant-Based Adoption


Forbes reports that the Human Society has joined forces with major food provider Aramark to bring plant-based options to a widespread audience.  The partnership will be a win-win for both organizations, as Aramark’s influence will further the mission of the Human Society while also allowing their business to take advantage of the growing demand for plant-based menu items from consumers across all demographics.

Josh Balk, VP of Farm Animal Protection for the Humane Society of the United States, is quoted in the article justifying the decision:

“Partnering with Aramark can help our efforts scale up far faster and more broadly than we can achieve alone,” says Balk. “We knew if we could come up with a plant-based food program that would benefit companies such as Aramark, it would be a huge win for creating a better food system. For example, at Arizona State University alone Aramark serves nearly 90,000 students a day. Think about the impact if Aramark can persuade—just through delicious food—just a small percentage of meat consumers who eat at their venues to try meat-free options.”

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