FOOD&WINE: Plant-Based Meat and Clean Meat

clean meat.jpg

Food & Wine released this “What You Need to Know” piece comparing plant-based meat and clean meat. 

The article goes into detail on both disruptions to traditional animal agriculture, and poses clean meat as a potential challenge to the plant-based meat industry when it hits the market in the coming years:

However, plant-based meat brands aren’t the only ones who have been using science to their advantage. And as quickly as the plant-based meat revolution has sprung up—with the Beyond Burger landing at places like TGI Fridays and Impossible Burger recently adding White Castle as the latest feather in its cap—these “veggie” burgers could soon be facing pressure from another traditional meat replacement that once sounded like science fiction: lab-grown meat—also sometimes referred to as “clean meat” because of the less creepy connotation.

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