SEEKING ALPHA: Beyond Meat IPO and the Plant-Based Revolution


This article posted on Seeking Alpha discusses Beyond Meat going public and the contributing factors towards our changing food system.

  • The coming IPO of Beyond Meat is a signal of the plant-based food revolution and a large-scale disruption of the food industry.
  • The US is late as the vegan movement is racing ahead in Germany, UK, and Israel, but we’re catching up.
  • Sorting out fact from fiction is highly necessary, and suffers from mixed objectives and active obfuscation of nutritional data.
  • The Triple Bottom Line is the mythical objective of ESG investing: Environmental, Social, Governance, but in practice often conspicuously absent.
  • The Plant-based food revolution offers its own triple bottom line: solving our problems with Environment, Healthcare and World hunger, though it comes with equally massive opportunities for obfuscation.

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