STARS AND STRIPES: Offering Plant-Based Meals to Troops in Oklahoma


This Fort Sill, Oklahoma dining facility has taken the lead in offering soldiers fully plant-based offerings every meal.

Read the full article here and learn about how this simple menu shift has yielded exciting results!

“We began testing items in February 2018 and were fully operational with labeling and an option at every meal by July of 2018,” he said. “Now, we sell out of the plant-based entrée at every meal.”

In addition to leaving the meat, dairy and eggs out of the main entrée at every meal, Patterson said the cooks stopped adding butter or pork to other vegetable offerings.

“We didn’t change the menu. We just substitute the meat within the dish,” he said. “Instead of chicken enchiladas on Taco Tuesday we use black beans, and instead of beef stir fry, we use tofu.”

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