NPR: Make Meat Eaters’ Mouths Water with Plants


We all know that there are people out there who simply won’t eat something because it’s labeled as “vegan” or “vegetarian”. So how then do we get people averse to these labels to try new foods that just happen to be plant-based.

The answer is simple, just make the foods delicious without advertising the fact that they happen to be meat free options. NPR dives into this conversation on how to get people to eat in a way that sustains our planet without forcing them to try foods that do not appeal to them.

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“The language for meat, and beef in particular, just sounds so much more delicious,” says Daniel Vennard. And labels like “meat free,” “vegan” and “vegetarian” tend to be turnoffs for consumers. “People don’t create positive associations with how it’s going to taste and don’t feel it’s very indulgent.”

The solution, summarized in a new report from the Better Buying Lab, is this: Focus less on the meat-free or health aspects of plant-based foods — which tend to make consumers feel like they’re missing out — and more on their flavor, mouthfeel and provenance, so it’s “appealing to the inner food critic within all of us,” Vennard says.

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