CBS: It’s Seafood Made from Plants


The plant-based sea food category is ripe for growth, and two up and coming companies are leading the way. Ocean Hugger Foods and Good Catch Foods are continuing to expand with their unique takes on tuna made from ingredients such as tomatoes and legumes.

Check out the full article and video shared by CBS here:

The United Nations estimates 85 percent of the world’s commercial fish populations are fished to the max, overfished or in decline.

Although retail sales of plant-based seafood in the U.S. last year only totaled $9.3 million, Bruce Friedrich, who heads a non-profit promoting alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products, predicts sales of seafood alternatives will skyrocket like dairy-free milk.

“As plant-based seafood companies come online with more and more products and consumers try them and consumers like them, we’re going to see this market become a multi-billion-dollar market in the next decade,” Friedrich said.

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