FAST COMPANY: Making Food Sound Delicious with Creative Labeling


The increase in brands launching plant-based foods, beverages and products of all sorts has brought with it an influx of new marketing challenges. How a company chooses to label its product is an essential piece of targeting the proper audience.

This article dives into this topic and finds the conclusion that simply making new, healthy foods sound delicious is the best way to attract customers.

Read the full article from Fast Company here:

What does work, again, is well-illustrated by the Sainsbury’s example. Highlighting the provenance of the food or flavor (“Cumberland-spiced”) makes people feel more emotionally connected to what they’re purchasing. Also, focusing on flavor over health benefits draws more sales: BBL cited a study that found people vastly prefer “zesty ginger turmeric” sweet potatoes over “health conscious” ones. (I wonder why?) And adding descriptions like creamy or spicy encourage people to see plant-based options as equally appealing to those made with meat. “Research has shown that before we consume food, our brain constructs a mental simulation of how it might taste, and what the experience of eating will be like,” Vennard says, so more details build up positive associations with plant-based dishes.

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