NY TIMES: This is No Joke! The Impossible Whopper Debuts at Burger King

impossible whopper.jpg

It may be April 1, but this announcement is dead serious. News platforms erupted this morning with Burger King dropping the launch of the “Impossible Whopper” at 57 St. Louis locations.

BK is the biggest fast casual chain yet to offer a plant-based alternative to a traditional burger. With Carl’s Jr and A&W already sporting Beyond Burgers on their menus, it will be interesting to see how the other major players in the fast food space respond.

Your move, Micky D’s!

Check out the full coverage from the NY Times here:

This week, Burger King is introducing a version of its iconic Whopper sandwich filled with a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods.

The Impossible Whopper, as it will be known, is the biggest validation — and expansion opportunity — for a young industry that is looking to mimic and replace meat with plant-based alternatives.

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  1. vjlsano says:

    Yeah, but is the bread vegan?

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