Hope for a Shifting World



Can you feel the energetic shift our world is undergoing? It seems to me as if the Earth is calling out to us, as beings born from her soils, to attune ourselves to a new alignment. The message is clear: the way we have been living is not sustainable, and it is on us, as part of the lineage of the human species that has found ourselves in this mess, to find a way out of it.

What an overwhelming task this is… as often those of us seeking to develop a purposeful and meaningful life in these daunting times can feel the weight of the world upon us. We can taste the gifts that await us in a more harmonious world. We catch glimpses of the power of human connection. We feel it through art and music, by attending community gatherings and traveling and immersing ourselves in the wonders of nature…

But time and time again we are brought back to the reality of our current situation. The reality of countless of our brothers and sisters living in hunger. Of billions of our animal friends slaughtered by the day. Of chronic disease crippling our families. Of oceans filled with plastic, rain forests set ablaze and a planet crying out for help. How do we find internal peace within this seemingly dystopian picture?

It seems to me that perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the realm of belief and balance. Can we believe in ourselves as individuals? Can we believe that the inspirations we feel are leading us to our own unique gifts that can allow us to live a life of meaning and purpose? Can we find the courage to trust in those gifts and see ourselves as vessels through which those gifts are seeking to be expressed to the world?

Can we find the balance between being selfishly giving to ourselves, while at the same time being selflessly of service to the world of which we are an integral piece? Can we trust that there is hope for a bright future, for a world in harmony with itself and a human population thriving and celebrating life within that harmony.

This is the philosophy upon which the concept and team behind Plant Based World has been built. We believe we are on the verge of something special. We can feel the energy building as our world shifts and we see the importance of our food choices as the cornerstone of that shift. We are finding balance within ourselves through our own self-exploration and the creative projects that are emerging as the fruits of our inner work, and we are prepared to come together to give freely of our efforts and ideas as Mother Nature does in a truly balanced world.

If this message resonates with you on some level, then consider participating in the inaugural Plant Based World Conference & Expo in NYC this June. Whether you are a business professional, health professional or member of the general public seeking to live a healthier, more prosperous life, we invite and encourage you to experience what this brand new event has to offer. And perhaps more importantly, we welcome you to join us in building something from scratch, to be a part of a community that has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts and bring about real change for a world that needs us, now more than ever!

All attendees will have access to our recently announced Community Day Keynotes, featuring an opening conversation with Seth Goldman of Beyond Meat/Honest Tea and a closing fireside chat with NFL Linebacker Derrick Morgan and Chef Charity Morgan on Saturday, June 8.

Plant Based World Early Bird Pricing has been extended through this Sunday, April 14th. Register by 11:59pm on 4/14 to save on conference and expo passes!

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Ben Davis

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