NEW HOPE: Before The Butcher is First Plant-Based Alternative in the Butcher Case


Protein options on grocery shelves are already miles ahead of where they were even just a few years ago… but what does the future have in store? With new brands creating innovative products and stirring competition within the plant-based meat space, the sky is truly the limit.

California retail store Bristol Farms has taken the lead by putting Before The Butcher’s Uncut line in the butcher case right next to traditional animal meat. Be sure to stop by Before The Butcher’s booth at Plant Based World Conference & Expo!

Check out the full article from New Hope here:

When he first broached the idea to Bristol Farms last year, the retailer was skeptical, he said.

“Even six or eight months ago, it seemed like such a radical idea to even think about doing that,” he said. “This plant-based evolution has been happening very, very quickly, and it has been growing exponentially.”

For the past year, Before the Butcher has been supplying its Uncut line of meat alternatives—which are designed to mimic the taste of beef, chicken, turkey, chorizo and breakfast sausage—to restaurants around the country. The Bristol Farms opening marks the company’s retail debut.

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