WATT AG NET: World Poultry Leader Announces Plans for Plant-Based Protein


The world is realizing that it is time to change, as the trend of massive meat producing companies tapping in to the plant-based protein market continues.

Check out this update from WattAgNet on the announcement of the new venture:

JBS is the world’s largest poultry company and a global leader in the pork and beef industries. Now it is also a player in the plant-based protein sector.

The company has launched its new product, called the Incredible Burger, in the country in which it is headquartered: Brazil. The product is made from soy, wheat, garlic, onions and beetroot, reported Beef Central.

The Incredible Burger will be produced and sold under JBS’ Seara value-added foods division. The product was launched earlier in May at a trade show in Sao Paulo, and the company expects to start marketing it soon.

Speaking at a quarterly conference call on May 14, the company’s global CEO, Guilherme Cavalcanti, when asked about the initiative, said JBS was “really deeply involved in understanding the market strengths about this segment.”

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