THE VEGAN ATLAS: A Deep Dive into Plant Based World Conference & Expo


The Vegan Atlas certainly took in all that Plant Based World had to offer this past weekend in New York City.

This article gives a thorough review of the products on the expo floor, the educational content and the overall event experience.

Check out the full review here loaded with pictures from around the expo.

Plant-Based World Expo 2019 was incredible — so thoughtful and well-organize and action-packed, even though it was the first ever. I hope this event happens again next year, whether in NYC or elsewhere. If it does, I predict that it will double in size and scope. Being the first ever conference and expo of this type, it was incredibly well organized, and, judging by the crowds, very well promoted. There were professional sessions for people in the industry, and for more casual attendees like myself, lots of free talks and food demos that were well done and educational.

Though my personal emphasis has long been on ethical vegan lifestyle and whole-foods plant-based food, I’m “Beyond” thrilled that plant meats and cheeses are already having such an enormous impact on the market. Plant-Based World Expo will be back in New York City on June 5 and 6, 2020.

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