FORBES: Opening Day for Beyond Meat at KFC is a Huge Success


When you hear the words “fast food” you usually don’t think of hour-long lines stretching around the block…

But that is exactly what took place at the debut of Beyond Meat fried chicken at KFC in Atlanda this past week.

Read the full article from Forbes here:

KFC debuted its plant-based chicken–Beyond Fried Chicken–at a single Atlanta restaurant today. The product, which was developed in partnership with Beyond Meat, is being served as nuggets and boneless wings, as part of a test to determine if they should expand distribution as part of a broader initiative.

The response was strong, to say the least. Customers had already started lining up before the first employees arrived at 8 am (the restaurant opens at 10:30 am), with a queue that stretched a few blocks, despite the rain. By the time it opened, the line of cars waiting at the drive-through was double-looped around the building and spilling as-far-as-the-eyes-could-see down the highway, causing traffic jams. As I write this, at 12:45 pm, there are about 200 people were waiting in line, despite staff having told them that they were about to sell out, and plenty of people balking at the line length and leaving.

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