Game Changers for Public Awareness



The term “plant-based” has hit its stride in mainstream culture this past year, but the movement still has a ways to go. As the lungs of our planet in South America conspicuously send massive plumes of smoke into the sky, concerned human beings across the globe are looking for answers, action, and ways to help.

The solution may come in the form of a “hard-to-swallow pill” for some. The connection between what we eat – and in particular – the connection between meat consumption and deforestation and habitat destruction across the world cannot be more apparent. And while the blatant need to cut back on eating meat may challenge the entire worldview of many and shake the foundations of our cultures, family traditions and social constructs that revolve around the food we enjoy – we must see this as a blessing. It is a blessing because there IS something we can do about it. There is a decision we ourselves can make, multiple times a day, that can truly make a difference – and no inept government, corrupt politician or greedy corporation can take that away from us.

As the Earth cries out for help, she continues to provide for us in the form of nutritious, flavorful fruits, vegetables and colorful morsels of all shapes and sizes. And with those ingredients we humans have found a way to combine and prepare them to mimic the juicy, savory tastes and textures of the meaty foods we have enjoyed for generations (while using just a fraction of the resources of their animal-based counterparts). Even fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway are leaping into the plant-based meat scene as of just this past month…

Perhaps the most complex problems call for the most simple solutions, and if we can get past the always-challenging need to change our habits we will be delightfully surprised to realize that this solution happens to agree with both our tummies and our taste buds.

And we also might soon realize that this diet shift is not only delicious and the most essential lifeline to our environment and only home, but also a doorway to an even higher level of human physical performance and athletic achievement. In a couple weeks (on September 16th) the long awaited, James Cameron-produced documentary The Game Changers (follow link for trailer/tickets) will hit movie theaters around the world. The film showcases athletes from a diverse range of disciplines who have adopted a plant-based diet and conquered the odds to become champions and record breakers in their fields. I have had the pleasure of seeing the film screened and have been waiting for this moment ever since – if you think the world has been talking about “plant-based” a lot lately, just get ready for this movie to hit the masses!

I had a chance to speak with James Wilks – the main character and co-producer of the film who is also a champion mixed martial artist and self defense trainer for the U.S. Military.

“The Game Changers follows my personal journey as I learned how much of what I had been led to believe about food, health and athletic performance was simply untrue,” commented Wilks on the upcoming release of the documentary. “We investigate the explosive rise of plant-based eating in the world of professional sports, and how these benefits extend far beyond just being faster, tougher, and stronger. We’ve worked on this for more than half a decade, and can’t wait to share it with the world.”

And that awareness is key. No movement can truly reach fruition until awareness reaches a point to where its mission has simply become the norm. Can you imagine a planet where people everywhere have accepted our own responsibility in the destruction of our world while seeing the beauty in having the power to be a part of its healing? If you are reading this blog, then it seems you must be at the very least open to the idea, and for that I thank you!

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