HEALTH: A Nutritionist Review of the Game Changers Documentary


While I was fortunate enough to have seen The Game Changers screened prior to its release, last night’s premier did not disappoint. The powerhouse team behind the James Cameron production had kept the world on the edge of its seat for the past couple years – but the time has finally come!

This film targets a younger, more athletic audience in a way no documentary has done before. Check out this full review from

There is an endless fascination with what athletes eat, and what they should eat to optimize power, strength, endurance, and even mental performance. There are also a lot of misconceptions about athletes’ diets, too. One of the biggest is that plants alone can’t supply enough protein, minerals, and other key nutrients to meet an athlete’s needs.

But a new documentary called The Game Changers (in theaters tomorrow) is about to flip that notion on its ear. And as a dietitian who has worked with professional and competitive athletes in numerous sports, I think the film is spot on. Whether you’re a pro athlete or a regular gym-goer, I believe it is a must-see.

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