MSN: Trader Joe’s Launches New Plant-Based “Patty”


If you have spent any time in Trader Joe’s over these past couple years, you’ve probably noticed that they have ventured into the world of plant-based meat alternatives.

This new announcement is focused on a new product that will look to compete with the big players in the plant-based burger arena.

Read the full article from MSN here:

According to podcast hosts Matt Sloan and Tara Miller, Trader Joe’s version of a meaty, plant-based burger will smell, look and taste a whole lot like meat—without having to bleed. Sloan, a meat-eater himself, even said he enjoys this as a flexitarian option when he’s trying to cut back. He joked they will be calling their product a patty instead of a burger, saying, “the Cattleman’s Association is storming the doors as we speak.”

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