Excitement and Responsibility of Progress



What a crazy month September has been! It all started at the Good Food Conference in San Fransisco, to Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, to the Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference in Oakland and now I’m headed back east to Washington D.C. for the Reducetarian Summit this weekend.

It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to connect with so many different aspects of the movement in such a short time. But whether the topic is related to meat alternatives, natural products, whole food nutrition or factory farming, there is one common thread I have noticed at all of these events: our movement is succeeding.

With that comes a palpable sense of excitement, and when the community gathers there is a feeling of joy and a desire to celebrate the incredible progress that has been made. And we should celebrate – for never before has eating in a way that is in balance with the world around us been so widely accepted by mainstream culture. We deserve to take a moment to step back and be grateful for all that has been accomplished.

At the same time though, within the community there is a deep sentiment of responsibility. That even though we have come so far, we still have a long way to go.

I would love to dive deeper into this topic, but right now the travel fatigue is setting in and it’s time to pack up for D.C., my 2nd time flying coast to coast and back in just a few weeks. I will be attending the 3rd annual Reducetarian Summit. I will also be speaking on Sunday during the lightning round, so come say hi!

I will conclude by saying how proud I am to get to attend these events and work alongside such inspiring individuals on a daily basis. Let us honor those that have come before us and all of our accomplishments by celebrating the progress that has been made. But at the same time, let us own the responsibility of guiding the growth of this movement in a way that will be truly revolutionary and beneficial to all the living creatures of this world.

Stay tuned each month for ripe new content and updates from around the industry. There will be more to come soon on the programming and registration options for Plant Based World Conference & Expo 2020. Feel free to reach out to me at any time at ben@theplantbasedworld.com!

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