CNET: Nestle Adds Plant-Based Meat to Italian Product Lines

Nestle has announced a plant-based alteration to its classic Stouffer’s lasagna and Digiorno pizza. The new items will use Sweet Earth plant-based meat crumbles, but still contain cheese.

It is exciting to see plant-based meat making its way into new product categories. I’ll keep an eye and be sure to snag one for myself when they swap in some vegan cheese!

Read the full article on CNET here:

Vegetarian Italian food party, anyone?

I say vegetarian because the two products do contain cheese, which bars them from being vegan. Nonetheless, these new products are helping make plant-based meat even more mainstream, as Digornio and Stouffer’s — both owned by Nestle — are both very prominent and long-standing frozen food companies. The Stouffer’s brand, in fact, extends back as far as 1922, making it a nearly 100-year-old brand that’s getting in on the plant-based business boom.

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