The Brownie We’ve All Been Waiting For (Review)

by Ben Davis

Abe’s new chocolate chip brownies have gone above and beyond just a good “vegan” brownie option. These are quite possibly the best pre-made brownies you will ever try out of a package, hands down, regardless of ingredients.

They are rich, full of gooey deliciousness and (hopefully) soon to be available at all food retailers! The reaction from Jake and myself says it best:

*Correction from the video: the brownies will not be available in 7-Eleven just yet. 3 flavors of their muffins will be. Read more about Abe’s mission and their 7-Eleven launch here.

The package contains 12 brownies, approximately 1oz each, ready to be opened and thoroughly enjoyed immediately.

Abe’s provides a merchandising solution for retailers looking to expand their vegan options while also catering to the increase of Americans with food allergies. If you’re a buyer and are interested in carrying Abe’s Vegan Muffins, please contact Abe’s favorite uncle, Marty Koffman:

Thanks to Abe’s Muffins for providing free product samples!

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