Rise of Meatless Farm: The Mindful Meat Alternative

by Ben Davis

It’s summer of 2020, and by now it is fair to say that nearly all of the world is familiar with plant-based meat alternatives. While brands like Beyond and Impossible have rapidly become household names, the demand continues to expand and this offers opportunities for new players to establish themselves within the market.

One name to add to that list is Meatless Farm, the recent recipient of the Mindful Awards “Most Mindful Breakfast Meat Alternative of the Year”.

The company cites its innovative pea protein formula and recyclable packaging as key factors that wowed the judges and brought the award home.

Creating sustainable and healthy products is at the core of who we are at Meatless Farm. We are making conscious efforts every day to provide products that are good for you and the planet, so it is important for us to validate these efforts by third parties such as the Mindful Award. We value transparency and aim to be genuine with our claims, which is why we are honored to achieve this recognition from the Mindful Awards.

-Annika Bauer, Assistant Brand Manager, Meatless Farm USA

As individuals we can do everything we can to buy the right products and eat the right foods, but we can only be truly successful if the brands selling those products are truthful about what is inside the package. Can you imagine a food system where we can feel good about everything we put in our bodies because we have complete trust in the brands making those products? It is leaders like Meatless Farm that are pioneering this future!

The era of deceptive marketing and tricking consumers into eating unhealthily is coming to an end. In this very moment we are ushering in a new age of transparency in food, infused with a genuine intention to care for all beings and the planet we share. Now that’s some REAL news I can get behind!

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