Breakfast’s Missing Link is Found! (Review)

by Ben Davis

Meatless Farm has done it! I can say with confidence that this is the first plant-based sausage link that will truly satisfy a meat-craving break-faster.

The texture is on point, with a juicy, meaty inside wrapped in a snappy casing that crisps up golden brown in the pan.

The taste, when cooked without any seasoning, is surprisingly meaty with just a hint of sage. These sausages are an open canvas to flavor how you see fit to accompany the plant-based breakfast of your dreams.

I chose to try the links with some maple Sriracha dipping sauce. Though, I can only imagine how delicious they would be in a fully plant-based omelette made with JUST egg and Follow Your Heart pepper jack, or used as a meaty topping for a hearty healthy breakfast bowl of grains and greens!

See the video for the live cooking and tasting experience:

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