Prescribing Food for Pain Relief

by Lillie Rosenthal, D.O.

The price of pain for Americans is upwards of $300 billion and rising, including the costly toll on human suffering and side effects. We have an opioid crisis of profound proportions which is roaring ahead with no signs of slowing anytime soon. We now have the collective and individual changes and challenges of a global pandemic upon us…

Amid these challenges and uncertainties, we are fortunate to have a science based, cost effective and responsible strategy to fight pain, all with the positive side effects of optimizing our health and well-being as well as supporting immunity and resilience. The powerful and positive effects of adopting a whole food plant-based diet for pain management and beyond is the ultimate prescription for good health!

In this article titled: ‘Doctor, I Hurt’ – Food as the Ultimate Prescription for Pain Relief, I discuss the effect of diet on muscle, joint and head pain. The article also offers recipes that embody the ideas discussed for each pain type for you to try for yourself at home.

An expert in lifestyle management with a focus on injury prevention, pain management and integrative health, Lillie Rosenthal, DO, is a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician in New York City. Dr. Rosenthal’s philosophy of patient care offers a personalized treatment program which supports optimal health and well being.

Dr. Rosenthal sees a variety of patients in her Manhattan practice, including world-renowned musicians, dancers, choreographers, and writers, as well as marathon runners and other athletes, and treats such conditions as back pain, tendonitis and repetitive stress disorders. She is also a consulting physician for the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Metropolitan Opera, MTV Video Music Awards and several Broadway productions and is, herself, a dancer and a marathon runner.

Dr. Rosenthal’s media experience includes national television appearances on “The Dr. Oz Show” and she has been featured as an expert source in a number of publications, including U.S. News & World Report, the New York Times, Consumer Reports and The Huffington Post. Dr. Rosenthal is an author, educator and a media spokesperson for the American Osteopathic Association. She is a member of Medshadow and Plant Powered Metro New York Medical Advisory Boards as well as a Council of Directors member at True Health Initiative. She also speaks and writes fluently in Spanish.


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