Must Read: “Healthy At Last” by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

by Ben Davis

I sit down to write my review of this book with literal tears rolling down my cheeks. As I read the final pages my heart burst open, due, I imagine, to some combination of Eric’s deeply sincere message and my own awareness of how many people are soon to have their lives transformed by it.

This is not just another book about how eating plants can make you healthy. Not in the least. In these pages Eric Adams is giving to the world a game-changing display of truth, as easily digestible as the recipes that can be found in the book’s final chapter.

I first connected with the Borough President a couple years back when I heard him speak at a fundraising event in a NYC apartment at the launch of his 2021 Mayoral campaign. At a time when I felt as disengaged as possible from the political world, hearing Eric speak brought back my faith that there are leaders out there I can feel inspired and empowered by. I received the same wave of energy I felt in that apartment from start to finish of reading Healthy At Last. Here are my key takeaways of what makes this book such a special read and beneficial resource to all:

Authentic Personal Experience

Whether he is discussing his career in public service, his family and personal relationships, or his body’s reaction to his past/present food choices, Eric writes with a genuine tone that can be felt from the first page. He invites you into his experience and does not hold back discussing topics that could be uncomfortable or taboo. Regardless of where you are in your own health journey, reading this book will make you feel like you have a friend in Eric Adams at your side. He even invites you to reach out to him personally at the end – this guy is the real deal!

A Perspective Shift on Institutional Racism

What a powerful topic this is in the world of 2020. Eric dives deep into the roots of “soul food” and its modern incarnation found in fast food chains all around the world. He puts into perspective the relationship this food has with African-American heritage, and how that relationship has deeply impacted the health of the Black community in America. Eric gracefully illustrates how an awareness of this connection can help fellow members of this community make a rapid, and delicious, return to healthfulness while preserving the soul of their ancestors that has been passed down through food.

Real, Flexible Advice

Eric’s approach to becoming healthy is a go-at-your-own-pace philosophy. He offers tips to meet everyone precisely where they are at on their journey, and does not force anyone to go further than they are comfortable. Shifting patterns, particularly those related to our food, is a daunting task for anyone. This book will put you at ease from the get go and will leave you – at the very least – with a solid start to get yourself moving in a healthy direction. And, if you are the type that prefers to dive in head first and not look back, Eric is certainly ready to aid you on that mission as well!

50 Pages of Recipes

The practical piece… Eric does not leave you hanging when it comes to the “how” in the kitchen. The final chapter is packed with recipes that will satisfy your cravings and keep you plant-strong for all meals and at all times of day. Spoiler: there’s even a recipe from Sir Paul McCartney!

Healthy At Last is a must read for anyone embarking on a journey towards a plant-healthy lifestyle. And for those who don’t necessarily feel the need for guidance, it’s worth a read simply to hear Eric Adams’ story and add another powerful ally to your plant-based community.

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Thanks to Eric Adams’ team for providing a free copy to review!

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