School Food eSummit and Gala: Opportunity for Plant-Based Brands

by Ben Davis

This coming October 24-28, the Coalition for Healthy School Food will be hosting it’s virtual Green Apple eSummit and Gala. The event will focus on educating parents, teachers, principles and school administrators on the importance of healthy school food, particularly, plant-based options.

The event is currently accepting sponsors, which offers a massive opportunity for plant-based brands to tap into the school food market that serves over 7 billion meals a year.

New health regulations are forcing schools to seek out healthy alternatives to the traditional processed meats and cheeses we have become accustomed to seeing in cafeterias. Brands that can offer substitutes to hot dogs, deli meats, pepperoni, etc., especially if they are made with little to know additives and processing, are a prime fit for this market. Veggie burgers, bean-based foods and whole food options are highly sought after as well. For brands looking to learn more about the opportunities in this market, be sure to check out the Coalition’s resources and consulting programs here.

“While we work to help schools transition to a more plant-based menu and supply them with scratch-made recipes, they are begging us for frozen, refrigerated, and dry products that meet the USDA requirements for a 100% plant-based “M/MA” (meat/meat alternative). There are precious few choices for them right now, and this is a wide open space for plant-based companies or non-plant-based companies adding to their plant-based offerings.” 

-Amie Hamlin, Executive Director, Coalition for Healthy School Food

Major plant-based brands including Miyoko’s Creamery have already joined on to sponsor the event, recognizing the opportunity and importance of being a part of the healthy school food movement.

Use this link for more information on becoming a sponsor of the upcoming eSummit and Gala.

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