Female Founder Showcase: Priyanka Srinivas

The Plant Based World is honored to support Vegan Women Summit’s Pathfinder event, taking place December 5th, 2020. The virtual event will feature prominent speakers and offer funding to winners of the pitch competition, available to female entrepreneurs across the globe looking to make an impact in the plant and cell-based marketplace. Our first showcase is Priyanka Srinivas, founder of The Live Green Co. Stay tuned for more featured participants in the coming weeks!

TPBW: What is the name of your project, its core concept, and mission?

Priyanka: For us, the future of food is not just plant-based, but also clean labels, functional ingredients & sustainable production + packaging. 

So, at The Live Green Co, we are building Charaka, a recommendation engine that blends Ancestral Wisdoms of Plant Nutrition with Biotech & Machine Learning to recommend 100% natural alternatives for the animal as well as the synthetic & highly-processed additives in our daily foods!

What inspired you to participate in the Pathfinder Founder Summit and Pitch Competition?

I was delighted to hear about the summit, which is focussing on promoting female entrepreneurship, as I am in a constant search of surrounding myself with strong women.

What is a unique challenge you have faced as a female founder and how did you overcome that challenge?

The biggest challenge I faced is not unique at all. It has been happening for many years – of not adhering to norms your society decides for you and of your ability being judged because of your gender, race, color or educational pedigree.

To overcome it, I never gave it any weightage or importance. I trained myself to always look at people, especially women, who stood their ground and triumphed against all odds.

What advice can you offer to aspiring female entrepreneurs who are seeking to transform our food system?

I still struggle with it, but every time I overcame this evil called self-doubt, I rose beyond my own expectations. Self-doubt is the first barrier to break, before you cross all the hurdles you will face in the relay of your entrepreneurial journey.

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