Foodnerd: Real Food in a Friendly Package

by Ben Davis

This was by far my favorite product review yet! Sitting down on ZOOM with Sharon Cryan, Founder and CEO of Foodnerd, allowed me to enjoy a yummy breakfast with great company while feeling hopeful about the future of our world in the process… what’s better than that?

In the video below Sharon and I chow through Foodnerd’s overnight and anytime breakfasts and snacks. Sharon’s deliciously devious plot is to change the food world by sneaking 100% whole, healthy ingredients into a package that looks (and tastes!) like the traditional snack foods our taste buds have known and loved for years.

Foodnerd is a modern day CPG company at its finest. Sharon and her team understand the market and what people want to eat. Then, they combine that awareness with the nutrition science to deliver on precisely what the body needs to feel it’s very best.

I’ll stop typing now so you can watch for yourself, and be sure to purchase directly from their website!

Food Nerd is looking to expand into natural and conventional retail chains. For more info, contact

Thanks to Foodnerd for providing free product samples!

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