10% Off: Food and Sustainability Certificate Courtesy of the Center for Nutrition Studies

by Benjamin Davis

Grateful. Inspired. Filled up with a deeper awareness of how our food system operates and empowered by the solutions available.

These are the thoughts that first come to mind as I reflect on my – now completed – Food and Sustainability Certificate. The program is brand new, launched by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) at the end of 2020.

The Center for Nutrition Studies is well known for its longstanding and widely popular Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate powered by eCornell. The initiative to launch a new program focused on food and sustainability came directly from Dr. T. Colin Campbell himself. Dr. Campbells’s passion for recognizing the holistic nature of complex systems and the relationship between human and environmental health is revolutionary. He himself is a lecturer in the course, along with his daughter (and CNS President) Dr. LeAnne Campbell and many other well-versed and respected experts in the fields of agriculture, policy, food systems, and the way they all interact. This course is the perfect next step for anyone seeking to connect these dots en route to becoming an expert in food, sustainability and healthy, connected living.

“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.” – T. Colin Campbell, PhD.

I recommend this course, primarily, to all human beings on the planet, as all can benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of the system that feeds and sustains us. More specifically, I highly recommend this course to anyone who works within the food supply chain in any capacity from the planting of the seed to the mouth that enjoys it. The most poignant takeaway for me from the course was how possible it is right now for those of us with influence within the food industry to make powerful changes that will positively impact all people across the world.

We are excited to partner with the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies offer a 10% discount for the brand new Food and Sustainability Certificate. Valid April 1-16 with code PBWORLD10 (case sensitive).

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  1. Recognized that a scholarship from your excellent organization would be my dream come true. I am invested in research for nutritional studies and an avid plant based advocate. Your consideration for a scholarship would be the best support I could ask for. My service to others for eating well is my dream. Thank you in advance for your consideration. God bless.

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