Upcoming Roundtable on the ‘Next Normal’ hosted by Total Food Service Magazine and Plant Based World

If you are a Restaurateur, GM, Manager, Restaurant Marketer, Consultant or Vendor this info-packed hour is for you. It’ll be the fastest hour spent on Zoom!

Join us for a Virtual Breakfast Session at 10:30am on March 22nd or a 12pm session on March 24th.

Hear from our panel of food service experts who have been riding the ever changing and challenging Covid tide for a year now and are looking forward to getting back to real business.

Get in on the conversation. Your experience with staff, vendors, providers, customers, and peers is valuable. Share it and listen to how others have managed matters. Ask questions and express your concerns.

No one has all the answers, but together we can come up with some great solutions. Claim your seat!

This is not a shut-up-and-listen event. You have a place at the roundtable and are part of a free-flowing conversation. To participate, you have direct communication with a dedicated Attendee Representative on chat ready to ask and answer your in-the-moment questions during the call.

VBS is co-produced by Total Food Service, Plant Based World Expo, and L. Sashin & Associates.

This week we’re focusing on the reemergence of the food service industry and the opportunity to cater to growing consumer demand for nutritious and sustainable menu items.

What does the landscape look like in the next month or three or six? What helped the industry survive? What’s dead and gone forever? And what will make us ready for the NEXT Normal.

Because a year into this, one thing is certain: Life has changed and so must we.

Click here, pick your time, fill the form to secure your spot, and set your reminders. 

See you next week!

Reach out with questions: Larry Sashin



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