Supplier Diversity: A Massive Business Opportunity

Michael Alexander leads supplier diversity programs at Target and will be presenting an educational session on 5/18.

We often look to the grassroots campaigns and revolutions of the people that cause a stir and initiate societal change. Progress would not happen without these efforts, yet, at the same time, progress can often be impeded by a lack of cooperation from established industries and existing structures.

What kind of progress could we make if grassroots social change were coupled with motivated and resource-driven corporate policy? Michael Alexander and his supplier diversity team at Target are dedicated to this mission.

We are set to take a deep dive into this essential conversation next week through Plant Based World’s “Industry Voices” education series.

Plant Based World’s “Industry Voices” session with Michael Alexander of Target will be held on Tuesday, May 18th at Noon ET / 9am PT. Register for free here.

We will be discussing the meaning of “supplier diversity” and why this topic is so important in the 2021 retail landscape. Consumer demand for products that are manufactured by a diverse community of founders is growing by the day, and the business opportunity available for retailers to tap into this marketplace is limitless. Come learn about the work being done at Target and across the retail and grocery ecosystem to bring diversity to the forefront!

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