Attend Mintec’s Global Plant-Based Protein and Nuts Conference

Mintec Global is set to host the Global Plant-Based Protein and Nuts Conference next week on June 2-3. Registration is now open and free for all interested in this virtual education experience.

Plant-based foods and nuts represent some of the fastest-growing food markets, making them essential parts of the food landscape. This Mintec conference brings together a range of industry experts from the plant-based foods and nut value chains to share their unique perspectives.

-Marcel Goldenberg, Head of Proprietary Pricing, Mintec Global

The goal of the event is to enable buyers, sellers and traders of these ingredients need to stay informed of industry developments and to better understand these complex markets.

Expert speakers will address a variety of topics all aimed at assisting attendees in finding solutions and opportunities to advance business in a rapidly changing world and food ecosystem.

Come to learn about:

  • The state of the markets
  • The possible effect of bottlenecks
  • Raw material price changes & sector growth
  • The place of new protein ingredients
  • Price trends changing buyer behavior
  • How 2020 has changed the industry
  • The specification of new ingredients

Mintec Global has taken a leadership role in researching the plant-based marketplace, specifically in the realm of pricing and ingredients.

Register now and seize this opportunity for a first glimpse at this revolutionary data.

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