Changing the World with JUST and Infinite Foods

by Benjamin Davis

It was a different world back in winter of 2020, when Michelle Adelman was preparing to participate in the opening keynote panel at the 2nd annual Plant Based World Expo. Of course, the conference did not take place last year, but that did not stop Adelman and her team at Infinite Foods from continuing to pioneer a healthy and sustainable food system that reaches all corners of the globe.

On a similar path through these shifting times, Josh Tetrick and his team at EAT JUST Inc kept their foot on the gas pedal as well, breaking a glass ceiling by introducing cultured chicken to the Singapore restaurant scene and expanding the global footprint of JUST’s folded and scrambled egg alternative.

There is no slowing down for either of these organizations, or the industry they represent. The current food system continues to be ripe for innovation and disruption as human beings become exponentially more aware of the impact of the decisions they make about the foods they eat.

And while rapid and substantial growth is always exciting, it necessarily comes with growing pains and new challenges to be addressed. How do we navigate these complexities of the global food market while maintaining the nutritional value of the products and educating consumers in the process?

This is a conversation that is sure to evolve as we move through 2021 and beyond. And if this topic peaks your interest, be sure to join Plant Based World for a live fireside chat with Michelle Adelman and Josh Tetrick next Tuesday, June 13 at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT.


The topic will focus on Addressing Emerging Markets and Global Buying Needs, with a focus on the creative strategies and solutions companies like JUST are using to expand rapidly while maintaining their identity and mission as a brand. Audience Q+A will be welcome for an active, live discussion.

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