WATT AG NET: World Poultry Leader Announces Plans for Plant-Based Protein

The world is realizing that it is time to change, as the trend of massive meat producing companies tapping in to the plant-based protein market continues. Check out this update from WattAgNet on the announcement of the new venture: JBS is the world’s largest poultry company and a global leader in the pork and beef industries….

CNN BUSINESS: The Meatless Burger Revolution

Plant-based proteins show no sign of slowing down with regards to mainstream awareness and media attention. This week alone Beyond Meat has successfully launched its IPO and Impossible Foods expands to Burger King locations across the United States. CNN Business continues to cover the trend, which it now describes as “The Meatless Burger Revolution”: Beyond (BYND) had…

SKIFT TABLE: Red Robin Turns to Plant-Based Burgers to Increase Sales

It’s no longer a secret that consumers are looking for meat-free options, even at traditionally meat-heavy establishments like All-American burger joints. Red Robin has taken noticed and announced the addition of the Impossible Burger at all 570 of its US locations. The move comes after a disappointing year for Red Robin from a sales perspective….

LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE: Impossible Burger 2.0 Makes Waves at CES 2019

A burger at the Consumer Electronics Show? Yes, you heard that right. Impossible Foods made a big splash as the debut food product to make an appearance on the exhibit floor of such an event. The boundary-pushing company introduced the new Impossible Burger 2.0 and even took home several prestigious honors at a show that…

THE SPOON: Light Life Launches into the Plant-Based Burger Arena

Do these burgers look familiar? Light Life – a Greenleaf Foods brand under the Maple Leaf umbrella – has just launched what appears to be it’s version of the Beyond Burger. Similar to their competitor, the patties are made of pea protein and are GMO, soy and gluten-free. We will have to see if they…

FOODBEV MEDIA: Nestlé Throws its Hat into the Plant-Based Burger Arena

Nestle is certainly paying attention to the plant-based protein space. The food giant starts the new year with announcement that it will be launching its own meat-like, plant-based burger patty. This will be an interesting market to keep an eye on as more players join the fray. Read the full article on FoodBevMedia.com: Set to…

PLANT BASED NEWS: Don Lee Farms Burger Hits Costco

  It seems that we are just at the beginning of the movement towards crafting authentic looking/tasting burgers out of plant-based ingredients. Plant Based News reports that Costco has picked up the new Don Lee Farms burger, which looks to rival Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger as the most realistic plant-based option on the market….

LA TIMES: Beyond Meat Expands; Sets Eyes on Plant-Based Bacon and Steak

This article from The Los Angeles Times discusses how continuing investments in Beyond Meat are affecting the expansion of the business, its growing laboratory facilities and vision for the future.  The new Beyond Sausage is just hitting retailers as we speak, and while I have not had the opportunity to taste one yet, these photos…

Next Level Burger – All Vegan Burger Chain is Taking Over!

This is a game-changer! Next Level Burger is quickly spreading all plant-based burgers across the United States, with the first east coast location opening at Whole Foods in Brooklyn today, January 31, 2018! Read about the couple from Bend, OR who launched the idea in 2014.